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An Art Factory Group Exhibition
at Leeton Musum and Gallery

Boughlands was a group exhibition by emerging and established artists working in The Art Factory, Wagga Wagga. The exhibition featured a series of work in response to the flora, fauna, and landscape of Fivebough and Tuckerbill Wetlands.

A wide range of media, surface, colour and texture was explored. Looking through the lenses of each artist, the works were interpretive and responded to the history, visuals and sounds of the wetlands.

Contributing Artists: Michael Beeson, Tanya Crawshaw, Rochelle Hapgood, Kellie Hulm, Scott Lea, Elle McKay, Krishana McKenzie, Jacquie Meyers, Shayne Moylan, Lorraine O’Hara, Belinda Sweet, Brae Tye, Jennifer West, Leeanna Wheeler.


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