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Dystopian Universe

RAD Residency | E3 Art Space | Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Dystopian Universe is a project manifested by four lead artists from The Art Factory, a Supported Studio. The artists will create an immersive and innovative installation during a residency in the E3 Art Space, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Lead Artists


Jacko Meyers

Jacko is an established artist who explores pop culture and portraiture of Australian Soapy stars, family, and friends. Jacko is working with local dancer Laura Krebs to develop a movement-based work. Jacko will perform this collaboration in the E3.


Damian Triulcio

Damian creates digital artworks, clay sculptures, prints and written pieces. His works revolve around historical contexts, placing his characters within these cultural settings. For this project Damian is creating an immersive audio-visual installation.


Adrian Buntin

Adrian is a writer, illustrator and designer. He has a passion for costume design and creates cosplay inspired by favourite characters. Adrian is creating a scene inspired by Mad Max, with accompanying cosplay to be displayed in the exhibition space.


Allison Davis

Allison is an artist based in rural Coolamon. She is a multi-skilled practitioner working in acrylic, pencil, watercolour, fabric and printmaking. Allison is creating clay and mixed media work presented as an apocalyptic installation.


Official Opening:
Saturday 18 June | 11am

Exhibition dates:
Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June
Wednesday 22-Sunday 26 June

Jacko Meyers performances:
Saturday 18 June | 1pm
Thursday 23 & Friday 24 June | 11am
Saturday 25 June | 11am & 1pm

E3 Art Space, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Cnr Morrow & Baylis Streets


Dystopian Universe is created as part of the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s RAD Residency Program, supporting regional artistic practice, development and exploration.

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