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Jacquie Meyers

Eco Green

This immersive exhibition, sponsored by Transgrid Community Partnership Program, celebrates Transgrid's environmental initiatives as testament to their dedication to delivering clean, sustainable, and reliable energy. Through innovative projects and forward-thinking strategies, Transgrid is leading the way towards a greener future. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to delve into and engage with Transgrid's various initiatives, gaining valuable insights into their efforts to reduce carbon emissions, champion renewable energy sources, and bolster environmental stewardship. Transgrid's unwavering ambition shines through in their commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

Simultaneously, The Art Factory's unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, challenging societal perceptions, and advocating for the professional recognition of artists with disabilities is making a profound impact on creating a more equitable and diverse society. By providing a platform for artists with disabilities to showcase their talents and creativity, The Art Factory is breaking down barriers and reshaping the narrative around disability in the arts. Through their efforts, they are not only promoting greater acceptance and appreciation for individuals of all abilities, but also driving positive social change and fostering a more inclusive cultural landscape.

Jacquie Meyers

Jacqueline Meyers

Wind Mills in the Grass

Dave Nicholls

Windmill of the Future

Dave Nicholls

Sherry Ann Gill

Grid Changes

Raine Mitter



Rochelle Hapgood

Purple Mountains with Windmills

Allison Davis

Ist Class Sunrise

Allison Davis.jpg

Elle McKay

Natures Energy

Brae Tye

Frilled Neck


Brae Tye

Power Lines

Tanya Crawshaw

Farm Energy


Tanya Crawshaw

Windmill Land

Lorraine O'Hara

The New Shop


Lorraine O'Hara

Electricity Power Station

Jacqueline Meyers

Grass with Yellow

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