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Looking Forward

An exhibition exploring experiences of the past year, five young female artists frame these strange times by looking forward to life after isolation.

Isobel Lambert | Christelle Papadakis | Laura Jack | Raine Mitter | Bella Mullins


Laura Jack


Pencil on paper

30cm by 21cm


I thought drawing a dinosaur would be interesting. I look forward to travelling back to the dinosaur museum in Canberra.


Christelle Papadakis


Marker on paper

30cm by 21cm


I drew Isobel because I will hang out with her after isolation!


Isobel Lambert

A rainbow of friends sitting in my living room

Pencil and acrylic on paper

42cm by 30cm


I've thought about what I want to do after COVID lifts- I want to spend time with my friends and have a good time! This is a painting of us sitting in the living room. We can watch movies and paint nails and gossip about boys.


Bella Mullins

Reading with my friends

Acrylic on card

60cm by 42cm


I chose the blues for the background of my work because they are the colours of the uniforms at Ashmont Public school where I volunteered before isolation. The colours I chose to paint on the blue remind me of the different personalities of the children.


Raine Mitter

Magic Tiles

Acrylic and Tiles on canvas board

13cm by 18cm

I glued the tiles onto the canvas board and then added some paint to brighten it up.

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