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Micro Show - November | Allison Davis

Allison is an artist based in rural Coolamon. She is a multi-skilled practitioner working with acrylic, illustration, watercolour, fabric and printmaking. She has exhibited in Up To Date Art Exhibition at the UpToDate Store (2020) and Viral Virality Virtual Online Exhibition (2020). Allison is a lead artist in Dystopian Universe, an exhibition at the E3 Art Space, Wagga Wagga.

When did you start creating works?

I started creating when I was a child, at home and at school. I was always seeking the best pencils to use.


What kind of works do you make?

I’m a jack of all trades, I create whatever takes my fancy. I am mostly drawn to textiles.


What influences your work?

I’m influenced by nature and history.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I plan on making a new wardrobe inspired by the 1900’s. In the future I may have something big in the works and I look forward to possibly collaborating with other artists.


What’s your favourite thing about being in The Art Factory studio?

Coming to the studio allows me to grow both as a person and my practice by receiving constructive criticisms. I have also gained an appreciation for other artists and the works they make.

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