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Micro Show | Annelise Triulcio

Annelise is a drawer who creates small characters and figures inspired by animals and natural elements. She meticulously chooses the colours for her works and is extremely detail oriented. Annelise has exhibited in Wild Magic (2021) at the NDIS Centre in Canberra and in Inside Cinema vs Parallel Universe at Griffith Regional Gallery (2020). 

Q & A with Annelise

When did you start creating works?

As long as I can remember....from when I was a kid. 


What kind of works do you make?

I like to make fan art – characters from anime, video games and pokemon. I also like to create my own characters.  


What influences your work?

I like the look of anime, and the facial features of anime styles especially eyes. Sometimes I create characters inspired by music, I like listening to playlists on YouTube and soundtracks from video games.  


What are your aspirations for the future?

I want to keep working to improve my artwork. After going to the Halfway Print Fest I want to design my own comics.  


What’s your favourite thing about being in the studio at The Art Factory?

A place to make artwork and to stay focused, I don’t make too much art at home. I get distracted with video games.  

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