Micro Show

Jess Brauman- Life/Decay

Life/Decay Jess Brauman Marker on paper 21cm by 29cm 2021

Krishana McKenzie- Rock Pool

Rock Pool Krishana McKenzie Acrylic on canvas 62cm by 45cm 2021

Liam Campbell- Venom (Marvel)

Venom (Marvel) Liam Campbell Acrylic on paper 59cm by 85cm 2021

Jake Sheridan- The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi Jake Sheridan Pencil on paper 42cm by 29cm 2021

Emily Harvey- Stained Glass Watercolour

Stained Glass Watercolour Emily Harvey Watercolour and marker on card 42cm by 29cm 2021

Sarah Bialowas- Balloon Panda

Balloon Panda Sarah Bialowas Acrylic on canvas 30cm by 40cm 2021

Vicki Mitchell- Bright Bouquet

Bright Bouquet Vicki Mitchell Mixed media on canvas 29cm by 39cm 2021

Miranda Stewart- Abstract Australia

Abstract Australia Miranda Stewart Pencil and marker on paper 21cm by 29cm 2021

Works created by the most recent artists to join The Art Factory studio

Jess Brauman | Liam Campbell | Jake Sheridan | Vicki Mitchell | Sarah Bialowas | Krishana McKenzie | Miranda Stewart | Emily Harvey