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Micro Show | Leeanna Wheeler

Leeanna is an artist interested in Celtic arts and alternative media. She sculpts, paints and draws. Leeanna has exhibited in juxtapose (2021) at Riverina Community College Gallery and Pop Up an online exhibition (2021).

Q & A

When did you start creating works?

Since 2021.


What kinds of works do you make?

Digital artworks, drawing, shading and painting.


What influences your work?

I like making artworks with my own twist. Doing fan art can be crazy.


What are your aspirations for the future?

At the moment I’m working on a painting of my 5 legendary warriors.


What’s your favourite thing about being in the studio at The Art Factory?

I love it cos I get somewhere with my art! And prove to people you can get somewhere if you do crazy artwork!

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