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Studio news | July 2020

Back to the studio

We were happy to return to the studio in May and get back to creating! We worked within the social distancing recommendations with artists working across the studio, music room and gallery spaces.

Pop Up Online Exhibition

To ease back into the routine of the studio each artist created a work for an online exhibition. Even though our gallery space was closed, the online exhibition remains accessible through our website. The show features 16 artists and an image of their work with a short artists statement. The exhibition can be viewed here.

Isobel Lambert- Fig Tree Wonderland, etching and pencil on paper, 2020.

Rabbit Books display

The lovely Rabbit Books Store is displaying artworks by Steven O’Hara, Kellie Hulm and Wayne Emerson.

Wall shot of works at Rabbit Books

Artist of the Month June- Steven O’Hara

Describe your practice? I paint trees, people, cars and the bush.

When did you become an artist? I remember painting in school, we didn't have paintbrushes so we used our hands!

What influences you as an artist? Trees, the bush and outback.

What are your plans for future work? Maybe a sculpture! Some houses I think.

Steven O'Hara with Coral Reef- acrylic on board, 2020

Platform Live

Platform Live was a one-day online festival featuring some of Australia's boldest, funniest, creative, and most provocative artists and performers with disability. Platform created an online feature gallery on Instagram and Art Factory artists Samra Angilo and Damian Triulcio had works shown.

Samra Angilo- Shark Girl, acrylic on paper, 2020

Damian Triulcio- Ian Fairelaine, digital work, 2020

Brae Tye Short Film Feature Launch

June saw the launch of a short film featuring artist Brae Tye and his practice. Brae has been creating at The Art Factory since 2018 but his practice spans many decades. His works are identifiable by their sweeping and gestural marks often referencing the colours and shapes of the country. The film is made by Next in Line Films. You can see Brae’s video here.

Brae Tye with his painting and studio crew Kerrie.

Prime7 News visit

Prime7 News Riverina visited the studio to chat about the Pop Up Online Exhibition and the release of Brae Tye’s short feature film. The crew chatted to Lorraine O'Hara and Christelle Papadakis about their works.

Damian Triulcio Radio Broadcast

Artist and performer Damian Triulcio created a radio thriller in collaboration with members of the School of Arts Community Theatre. NEMISIS: The Black Sea Hounds was broadast on ABC radio and you can listen to it here.

Damian Triulcio- Radio Tower, digital work, 2020

Jeff McCann Creations

The Wednesday crew worked alongside a workshop by Jeff McCann to create cardboard cutout createables. Some were made into necklaces and a few into magnets!

Artist of the Month July- Christelle Papadakis

Describe your practice?

I make cardboard fruit and draw pictures of Baby Bash and anything in particular.

When did you become an artist?

I mostly started making art when I started at The Art Factory two years ago.

What influences you as an artist?

I like characters from different shows like Rugrats, I like singers from different bands like Baby Bash and Frankie J.

What are your plans for future work?

Maybe something to do with Bluey!



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