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Studio News: Term 1 2019

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

13 February

Zine Workshop with Adele & Kate from Salad Days Zines

The Art Factory crew with Adele & Kate

The lovely ladies from Salad Days Zines Adele and Kate joined us in the studio to introduce the Wednesday artists to Zines and how they're created! Zines are small circulation self published works often incorporating images and texts in booklet form.

19 February

Stars & Guitars- An exhibition by Scott Lea and Jacko Meyers

Jacko and Scott with an array of his watercolour guitars

Stars and Guitars was an exhibition created by Scott Lea and Jacko Meyers. The exhibition featured a stunning 80 portraits by Jacko of characters from Home & Away and Blue Heelers, and 21 delicate watercolour guitars by Scott.

The gallery hosted over 40 guests and was officially opened by Scott Howie of Eastern Riverina Arts who has known both Scott and Jacko for many years.

6 March

Isobel, Hannah, Leanne, Lorraine, Matilda, Bill, Cathie and Brae with Feelings From Bodies by Sarah McEwan

The Wednesday crew headed to the National Art Glass Gallery and Wagga Wagga Art Gallery to see the National Jewellery Prize, Tidying Down by Ruth Cummins, Moving Histories and Feelings From Bodies by The Art Factory's Artistic Director Sarah McEwan.

9 March

Layla, Wayne and Jacko at the Thirsty Crow

Halfway Print Festival is an annual event created as a celebration of independent publishing, held half way between Sydney and Melbourne, in Wagga Wagga.

The Art Factory held a stall at the festival featuring prints from artists Jacko Meyers, Wayne Emerson, Layla Bacayo, Scott Lea and Rochelle Hapgood. It was a fantastic opportunity for the Art Factory artists to interact with other creators and be immersed in DIY culture.

Sculpture Mondays

Bill's wire elephant

The Riverina Community College ran a 6 week sculpture trial which introduced artists to the field on contemporary sculpture. The artists worked with clay, metal, paper and wood and were assisted by sculptors Steve Craig and Jordy Bos to develop skills in these areas.

3 April

Brae Tye- No Limits | The Art Factory in Conversation

Brae Tye with his beautiful piece Reaching, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019

Last week saw the opening of Brae Tye's first solo exhibition No Limits. The exhibition features Brae's pastel and acrylic works, showing the distinct colours Brae is drawn to and his sweeping motions.

The Riverina Community College gallery hosted over 80 visitors to the exhibition and the Artists Talk that followed.

The Art Factory in Conversation was hosted as part of Wagga Wagga City Councils Fresh Festival. It involved The Art Factory artists guiding the public into the studio and speaking about how they create their works and offering a glimpse into working in a Supported Studio.

The Art Factory in Conversation

9 April

Museum of the Riverina

Steven and Kellie in the Museum of the Riverina

The Tuesday crew travelled to the Museum of the Riverina's Historic Council Chambers site to scout out the area they will be exhibiting in later in the year.



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